2024 Mobility Bargaining Updates

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report – Tentative Agreement Reached

February 26, 2024

Mobility Bargaining

TA reached 

The Union and Company reached a Tentative Agreement subject to approval by the Executive Board. More details will be forthcoming soon. 

In Unity,
Jason Vellmer, Bargaining Chair

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #13

February 24, 2024

One Day Longer, One Day Stronger! That slogan was created by working class union members that refused to accept crumbs from the company that was offering them!

Well tonight AT&T executives wanted your bargaining team to sell you out for crumbs. But they refused! AT&T is a billion-dollar corporation that brought in record-breaking profits during the pandemic, while we remained at work, risking our health and our families, while providing top-notch customer service to the public. 

How fast some forget our commitment to this company, especially during trying times!

We simply ask for respect and acknowledgment from AT&T Corporate Executives for the sacrifices we’ve made.  It’s only fair that they share the Company’s profits with the hardworking employees who have contributed to their success.

Our contract expired tonight because the Company said No! AT&T said no to wage increases that keep up with inflation! Tonight AT&T said no to protecting our work that is currently outsourced to authorized dealers who take advantage of non-union workers. Tonight we invite those workers at Prime Communication Stores, our Sr. Associate In Home Sales Expert and Sr. Associate Integrated Sales Support to join us, and organize with us for better working conditions and pay. 

Tonight AT&T said No to a fair agreement for you and our families! 

And our bargaining team responded by saying, “We want more in 2024! We deserve more in 2024! We will fight for MORE in 2024!” And as your Vice President, I’m sticking with my bargaining team! I’m willing to fight for more in 2024, with you! How about you?

As they continue to fight on your behalf at the bargaining table, we’ve made the strategic decision to continue bargaining with the Company past the expiration of midnight tonight.  Both parties have mutually agreed to an extension on the contract until February 26th, in hopes of reaching an agreement.

We need you to join our mobilization team and get involved! 

To stay in the know on actions and mobilizations, text the word PURPLE to 49484, or sign up for our email list. You can also find regular updates on bargaining at the CWA District 6 website and our Facebook page.

In Solidarity,
Derrick Osobase Sr., Vice President District 6

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #12

February 22, 2024

The clock is ticking, our current Labor Agreement expires in less than 30 hours and though we have made some progress with improvements to our current contract, we are still miles apart on several significant issues.

After meeting with the company several times today, it is very hard to describe the teams’ emotions after being presented with a package that lacks many of the improvements we are proposing. 

Our members have shown great dedication throughout the pandemic, putting their lives in danger to provide world-class customer service. We have helped the company achieve more than 122 BILLION dollars in profits in 2023 alone, much of which is a result of Fiber and Wireless sales. After all of this, it is still very apparent the company does not see the value we bring based on company proposals. 

Today we passed more than 1000 letters to the company’s bargaining team, from members all over our district. The majority of these letters explain the financial hardships our members are facing day to day as a result of Covid 19 and the current economic conditions.

We will continue the fight to reach a fair and equitable labor agreement. We are in this together, please continue to mobilize in your work groups. Let your managers know you want a fair contract.

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #11

February 21, 2024

The Union and the company met today to discuss outstanding proposals.  With the contract expiring at midnight on Friday, February 23rd the Company is showing little interest in working together to come to an agreement on any of our major issues.  While we will be meeting with the Company every day you need to do your part to show the Company, we mean business and the employees, the face and frontline of AT&T, deserve a fair and just contract.  Make sure you submit your online strike vote ballot.  If you have not received a link to the online ballot, please contact your Local so you can receive it.  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  Email, Call, Text your managers demanding a fair and just contract! 

We Want More In 2024!  Our Union, Our Fight!! 

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report # 10

February 20, 2024

Your bargaining committee has met with the company multiple times throughout the day. We are still discussing wages, job security, enhancements to current language, job upgrades, hours of work, and of course benefits. In addition to everything currently on the table, the bargaining team has heard about pushback from the company in some of our Locals and we want you to know, it is being addressed. 

This team will not allow the Company to disregard the hard work our members put in, every single day, to help insure the billions and billions of dollars they profit year after year. We demand fair wages and benefits. 

We are just a few days away from contract expiration, so your mobilization efforts are more important than ever. In addition to the “letter to the Company” we are asking you all to submit, yesterday the District office began sending out the Mobility Strike Authorization Vote. It is imperative that every Mobility member in District 6 cast their vote. If you have not received a text or email with your personalized link, please notify your Local to have one sent. 

The entire bargaining team would like to thank Locals 6502, 6016, 6507, 6215, 6222, and 6132 for the incredible care packages you have sent. Your support and consideration means so much to all of us. 

We will continue to meet throughout the evening to ensure we are bargaining for the best possible agreement.



AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #9

February 19, 2024

Your Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the company multiple times a day. As mentioned, we continue to engage in discussions specifically related to each work group in the Purple Agreement. Since Bargaining Kickoff, we have spent a significant amount of time working on the issues that affect our members across the District such as scheduling, holiday’s, hours of work, paid time off, work life balance and benefits to name a few.  Although we have seen significant movement in some areas, we are still far apart on some of our key issues. Looking at the Company’s financial reports, it is clear to see that our members are making the Company very profitable, they have more than enough money to address the issues currently on the table and we hold fast on the fact that our members WANT MORE IN 2024!!!

We consider nothing in our current proposals as excessive or unreasonable and we will continue to fight for a solid contract that will allow our members to maintain a work/life balance while still  providing for their families. 

WE will continue negotiations until we find common ground and reach a tentative agreement, but we need your help! PLEASE continue to participate in your Local’s mobilization activities and if you have not yet, send your “letter to the company” today by clicking the link below.

We are in this together, UNITED WE BARGAIN, DIVIDED WE BEG.


AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #8

February 17, 2024

CWA District 6 Bargaining Committee members continued to meet with the Company representatives today in Austin, Texas. The Union is diligently working on proposals as well as reviewing information provided by the Company. The Union has steadily made gains over the last week in the areas of Hours of Work, Work Assignments, Force Adjustment and Basis of Compensation.  

We are quickly approaching the expiration of the current labor agreement with many economic issues remain unresolved. The committee has spent the last couple days working through the Benefit Package with our Research Department to ensure the best benefit plan options are included in a final package. Major economic proposals related to Wages, Upgrades and Job Security remain unresolved.  

We are ONE week from expiration and your committee is committed to negotiate an agreement that raises the standard of living for all members. AT&T’s financial success is a result of the hard work and dedication to each and every member of our Union. We expect more in 2024! The mobilization efforts out in the field are noticed and your support is needed more than ever. Time is running out to submit your letter to the company, if you haven’t done so, please submit yours today by clicking on the link below. These letters will show the company that WE ARE ONE!!!

Keep up the FIGHT for a fair and just contract!!

AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #7

February 15, 2024

Your Mobility Bargaining Committee met with the Company labor managers multiple times again today. The Union and the Company continued discussions regarding quota relief, commission at risk, basis of compensation, as well as multiple proposals geared toward enhancing existing language in our current agreement. We have seen some movement on the Company side; however, we are still very far apart on key issues. We know that a highly profitable company like AT&T Mobility can do much better!

We appreciate your continued support, and we ask that you continue to participate in mobilization activities. Let your managers know that you want a fair contract! 

If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure you submit your “letter to the Company” These letters are an amazing way for us to let the company know that ……..


AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #6

February 14, 2024

Your bargaining committee continued negotiations today, meeting with the company multiple times to discuss open proposals on the table. Although we have found common ground in some areas, we are very far apart in many.

As many of you have probably seen, your bargaining committee is asking you to write a letter to the Company representatives we are sitting across from. It’s an easy form, with an area for you to write your reason for wanting more in 2024. Our power is in our numbers, please send your letter today! You can find this form under AT&T Mobility on our webpage as well as the bottom of our homepage. 

We thank you for all of your support, we are in this together.


AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #5

February 13, 2024

It has been a very busy day at the CWA District 6 office in Austin.  Your bargaining team started early this morning reviewing the rest of the Company’s benefit proposals, including a meeting with the company benefit representative where we gained clarification on everything presented.

In addition to negotiations around benefits, the Company passed counter proposals today regarding hours of work, exchange time, basis of compensation and Company Union Relationship. The team will spend this evening reviewing all of the information provided by the Company to ensure we are negotiating the best possible agreement.

Your team is trying to address the current economic situation, as well as improve the financial wellbeing of our members. We are clear on our members needs and will continue fighting to gain the improvements necessary for our members to prosper, not just survive.  Keep up the excellent work with mobilizations, your participation helps more than you know.


AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #4

February 12, 2024

Over the weekend the bargaining committee worked on Union proposals and researched the companies benefit proposals. While we have been able to find middle ground in some areas, we still have a long way to go. We have made it very clear to the Company that in addition to improving wages and benefits, we are seeking protections for attendance impacting inclement weather as well as enhancements to many of our current contract articles. 

In our meetings with the Company today we passed proposals referring to Retail Sales Consultants, Virtual Sales Consultants and Senior In Home Experts, Funeral leave language, Hours of Work, and company Union Relationship. 

Tonight we will continue looking through the information the company has provided and prepare for another bargaining session in the morning. This team will do everything they can to negotiate a contract we can all be proud of. 

Please continue to participate in mobilization in your work locations, your bargaining team appreciates your support. 



AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #3

February 9, 2024

Bargaining is in full swing, and the Union is up to bat. Many hours have been spent working on our strategy and putting together strong proposals to present to company officials. Today lengthy discussions took place around arbitration language, call center upgrades, workplace issues, as well as enhancements to current language obtained in previous agreements.  

The Union passed numerous proposals to address concerns that were submitted by members and Locals across District 6. The Union and the Company have committed to giving all of the requests passed between the two committees due and careful consideration.

The Company passed a few counter proposals to the Unions initial proposal and the bargaining team will work hard to review them throughout the weekend. The Union will continue to have meaningful discussions with the Company to ensure what is best for the members is brought to the table.

The bargaining team would like to thank each and every member in and outside our District for the continued mobilization activities and support your presence is felt at the table.




AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #2

Your District 6 Mobility Bargaining Committee met with the Company again today and discussed in detail the proposals we presented to them at bargaining kickoff. In addition to the Union and the Company’s benefit packages, serious discussions were held regarding management rights, arbitration language, enhancements to pension and 401K, Company paid holidays, paid time off, excused with pay, retiree healthcare as well as floating and designated holidays. 

The CWA bargaining team will spend the remainder of tonight reviewing the Company’s benefit package. In addition, we are currently having our legal team review the Company’s benefit proposals while we research everything they have provided. We will work on our responses to the Company’s proposals including Company paid holidays and arbitration. 

As always, we appreciate your continued support.




AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #1

Your CWA District 6 Mobility Bargaining Committee kicked-off negotiations with AT&T Mobility today, February 4, 2020, and passed several proposals related to Hours of Work, Work Assignments, Force Adjustment and Basis of Compensation.  The Bargaining Committee stressed the importance of a significant wage increase and our intent on negotiating the Arkansas IHX group into our Labor Agreement.

The Company passed us a proposal regarding healthcare, disability, and pension that we will spend the night reviewing.  We asked several questions of the Company’s proposals and they will be forth coming with answers.

We will meet again tomorrow morning to continue our presentation of bargaining proposals and look forward to the answers the company plans to provide.

The committee wants to thank the Locals for their participation in kick-off mobilization activities.  Keep up the pressure; it works.

We are all in this fight together…United We Bargain, Divided We Beg-WE DON’T BEG!!


Your Bargaining Committee  

Jason Vellmer-Chair

Cheryl Dawson-CWA District 6 Staff

Mike Gemilli

Kendra Williams

John Richie