Frontier Contract Ratification

This was sent to us on May 15th by Sylvia Ramos, Assistant to the Vice President of District 6.

Dear Local Presidents,

I am pleased to announce that the Frontier contract has ratified overwhelmingly.

I would like to congratulate CWA Representative Tony Shaffer who chaired the bargaining table along with Staff Representatives Cheryl Dawson and Kara Hutchason who assisted in the process, as well as, bargaining committee members Travis Pirotte, President Local 6171, Jason Peavler, President Local 6132, Allen Whitaker, Rose Sash-Phillips, Star Kraus, and Kevin Davis for their hard work, long hours, strategic planning and dedication that they demonstrated over the past 10 months of some of the toughest negotiations that we have faced with this company.

As a result of these negotiations our members will benefit from this language for years to come. 

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