Frontier Contract Ratification

This was sent to us on May 15th by Sylvia Ramos, Assistant to the Vice President of District 6.

Dear Local Presidents,

I am pleased to announce that the Frontier contract has ratified overwhelmingly.

I would like to congratulate CWA Representative Tony Shaffer who chaired the bargaining table along with Staff Representatives Cheryl Dawson and Kara Hutchason who assisted in the process, as well as, bargaining committee members Travis Pirotte, President Local 6171, Jason Peavler, President Local 6132, Allen Whitaker, Rose Sash-Phillips, Star Kraus, and Kevin Davis for their hard work, long hours, strategic planning and dedication that they demonstrated over the past 10 months of some of the toughest negotiations that we have faced with this company.

As a result of these negotiations our members will benefit from this language for years to come. 

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National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is also Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Defined as an any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving, distracted driving not only endangers the safety of the driver, but their passengers and bystanders on the roads as well. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates on average, nine (9) people are killed every day in distraction-affected motor vehicle crashes in the United States. The most alarming distraction trend has become cellphone-related usage while operating a vehicle, although additional distractions such as eating/drinking, grooming, using navigational devices, and adjusting radio/climate controls can also play a factor.

Prevention Tips:

*For Drivers – Turn off electronic devices and avoid reaching for them while driving. Be alert for pedestrians and cyclists, especially those who may be distracted themselves.

*For Parents – Set a good example and talk with your teens about responsible and safe driving.

*For Passengers – Speak up when a driver is not paying attention while behind the wheel. Offer to make the call/text for them, so their full attention can remain on the road.

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Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month and provides a very important reminder to us to pay attention to our health. It has been an ongoing campaign of awareness and education since 1992. Stress can be debilitating, and it can cause new or aggravate existing health problems…and nobody is immune to it. It is important that we arm ourselves with knowledge so that we can recognize when stress pops up.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “stress can motivate people to prepare or perform and might even be lifesaving in some situations.” However, people under stress, or prone to chronic stress, are more susceptible to a variety of ailments – from headaches and insomnia to high blood pressure and heart disease. A survey by the American Psychological Association found that the five factors that can cause stress were money, work, family, economic outlook, and relationships. It’s critical to recognize what stress and anxiety look like, take steps to build resilience, and know where to go for help. The Mental Health American (MHA) provides some tips on how to reduce your stress by utilizing a Stress Screener. Also, take some time to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and familiarize yourself with strategies for stress management.

How to help with stress:

*Do something creative – you use a different part of the brain when being creative

*Practice Meditation – one of the most effective ways to deal with stress is to learn how to silence the mind. Meditation is one of the most popular methods of achieving this type of quiet…and can be done anywhere and at any time.

*Exercise – This is another way to battle the debilitating effects of stress. Whether you jog, cycle, or just take long walks – be sure to get some fresh air and add exercise to your daily routine.

*Visit your doctor – To provide additional assistance to a stress-free lifestyle, your physician may be able to provide additional options specific to your needs

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Our good friend David Davis has announced multiple webinars offering advice on how to get your 401k on track.

Click the link to sign up.

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Michigan No Longer a ‘Right-to-Work’ State

Michigan House approves repeal of state’s right-to-work law. Read the full Associated Press article by Joey Cappelletti and Scott Bauer here.

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Women’s History Month

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Each March in the U.S. and elsewhere, we honor the role women have played in society with Women’s History Month.

In the 1970s, Feminists critiqued the exclusion and lack of recognition of women’s contributions to our society and campaigned for the inclusion of women in our history. Then a group of women in Santa Rosa, California, took matters into their own hands and celebrated their efforts with a Women’s History Week celebration in 1978. The movement quickly spread around the country and just a few years later, President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8th, 1980, as National Women’s History Week. This observance continued until 1987 when Congress designated the entire month of March as Women’s History Month.

Not only is Women’s History Month a time of reflection, but it’s also a moment to recognize how the efforts and bravery of past generations continues to pave the way for females today.

Local 6132 would like to recognize and honor our very own Deane Armstrong as a woman who became part of this movement from all of her hard work and dedication. Deane began working at Southwestern Bell in 1956, and as soon as a Union Representative approached her, she joined the Communication Workers of America – Local 6132. She immediately became an active union member and soon became involved in the Legislative Committee. In 1969, Deane was elected Chief Steward of Accounting and was then elected as Vice President of Accounting in 1970, developing a strong leadership role among the union women. She became part of the Austin Central Labor Council, and as a delegate of AFL-CIO she was elected Vice President, allowing her a great opportunity to serve on additional committees, voting on important labor issues, and working with politicians to accomplish union goals. Deane’s career and determination didn’t stop there – in 1985, she became the first mayor of Jonestown TX, after helping incorporate the town…continuing to show women that hard work does pay off.

Deane always says that she never accomplishes anything by herself but surrounds herself with the best people who know how to get things done.

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AT&T Employee Relief Fund

An email went out on Friday February 3, 2023 to employees and managers of AT&T that were impacted by winter storm Mara.

Employees of AT&T directly affected by the severe weather may be eligible for assistance from the AT&T Employee Relief Fund (ERF).

If you are an AT&T Employee and are in need of food, clothing , shelter, or other necessities due to financial hardship related to a natural disaster or an incident leading to significant damage to your primary residence, please visit

If any of our members are in need of assistance, please contact the Local.

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The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship Fund

The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship awards college scholarships to children of union members across the country.  Since 2001, nearly $300,000 has been given to fund the education of hundreds of promising young men and women. Chances are you know of a family that has benefited in your hometown.  The scholarship program is a fitting tribute to our friend who gave so much to so many.
Scholarship applications can be requested by calling our scholarship hotline at 888-224-5021 or by visiting our website

Direct link to scholarship information

Scholarship applications must be submitted by May 31, 2023.
To learn more about the NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship, please contact us at your convenience.


David B. Davis, MBA
Registered Representative

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Union Scholarship Programs

Please take a look at some of the college scholarship programs available to you, our members.


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We’re Rebuilding

Please be patient as we transition to a new host.

Thank you.

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